How To Start Changing The Stories We Tell About Ourselves with Kelli Moore

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

Today, Rachel is joined by Kelli Moore, co-founder and CEO of Soulfire™ Productions: the premiere podcast network for thought leaders, free thinkers, and visionaries. Kelli is deeply passionate about helping people see themselves more clearly. She believes in setting ourselves free from expectations, people pleasing, and the stories that hold us hostage in our own lives.

With a background in both sports broadcasting and life coaching—and an eye for truth and an ear for bullshit—Kelli is no stranger to helping others find their voices. She’s currently the host of two top-rated podcasts: The Kelli Show and OK, Babe.

Listen in as we chat about:

  • the journey to freedom through healing, becoming, and being...

  • people pleasing, perfectionism, and burnout

  • the constant change and evolution of identity ... 

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