The ChrysalisExplicit

by Fenice Alex Thompson

Welcome to The Chrysalis! A space for meaningful conversations meant to leave its listeners and participants with a transformed and refreshed outlook on life. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E01 - Welcome Back

    S02 E01 - Welcome BackExplicit

    Hey babies. I. Am. Here. I've been away growing changing and shifting and now I am back and better! This is a stripped down show. We'll play a little bit of catch up and you'll get to know a little more about me, if you don't alre...

  • A Moment with Me 2 - Forgiveness

    A Moment with Me 2 - Forgiveness

    Another train of thought space. I run through what has been on my mind as of late.   Article Mentioned: Authored by Sophie King

  • A Moment with Me.

    A Moment with Me.Explicit

    Today we are introducing a new section of our podcast where we will take a little moment with our host, Fenice Alex Thompson, and run through what's been burning in her mind. We will do light listener Q&A ft: @tinacarzon

  • Travel: The Spiritual Benefits & The Black Millennial Travel Movement

    Travel: The Spiritual Benefits & The Black Millennial Travel MovementExplicit

    We will discuss how travel - close and far - has expanded our spirits. We will touch on budgeting, accessibility or lack thereof, and learn about our guest, travel blogger Alexa Moore, and her experience traveling to 26. countries...

  • Art For Healing's Sake

    Art For Healing's Sake

    A stream of consciousness on how art has helped to heal us. We briefly speak on The Viewpoints Method of devising. Introduction to listener Q&A! ft: @Khayafraites @blueumbrellapoems @Ifitaintaboutdmani