The Cas CastExplicit

by Ilse, Ella, and Jess

Welcome to The Cas Cast, where we discuss only the Cas (Castiel if you're nasty) episodes of Supernatural. Find us on tumblr and twitter at @thecascast 

Podcast episodes

  • E31 - Episode 31: Cas Matters

    E31 - Episode 31: Cas MattersExplicit

    This week: 6x07 Family Matters, original air date November 5, 2010. Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, directed by Guy Bee.First off, major apologies about my (Ilse’s) audio in this one. We’re working with some constraints ...

  • E30 - Episode 30: You Can't Handle the Cas

    E30 - Episode 30: You Can't Handle the CasExplicit

    This week: 6x06 You Can’t Handle the Truth, original air date October 29 2010.Teleplay by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, story by David Ree, Eric Charmelo, and Nicole Snyder, directed by Jan Eliasberg.Well, they hate us. Less th...

  • E29 - Episode 29: The Cas Man

    E29 - Episode 29: The Cas ManExplicit

    This week: 6x03 The Third Man, original air date October 8 2010.Written by Ben Edlund, directed by Robert Singer.We’re back for season 6 babyyy! It’s a big one for our boy, he's gaslighting, he's gatekeeping, AND he's girlbossing!...

  • E28 - Episode 28: Season 5 Wrap-up

    E28 - Episode 28: Season 5 Wrap-up

    This week: Season 5 feedback!Asked by you, answered by us. Our feedback episode for Season 5 is here! Posting this on the first 5th of 2023 feels like a good move. Symbolically, you know. I asked my cohosties if they wanted me to ...

  • E27 - Episode 27: Cas Song

    E27 - Episode 27: Cas SongExplicit

    This week: 5x22 Swan Song, original air date May 13, 2010. Written by Eric Kripke with Story by Eric Gewirtz, directed by Steve Boyum. We're at the end of another season & they exploded him again :( But someone brought him back to...