The Blue Todd Cast

by Todd Blubaugh

The Blue Todd Cast is an insightful ride into the lost art of American road lore. Todd Blubaugh was born and raised in Kansas. His earliest interests were in art and motorbikes and since the age of 12, Todd has been pursuing these two passions. He currently works in film, writes, and shoots out of his home in the high desert, CA. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E06 - BTC #06 - Snake Dumpster

    S01 E06 - BTC #06 - Snake Dumpster

    Todd and Snake discuss a decade of motorcycle mischief - their years living together and riding around LA, wild warehouse parties, road "trippin" through this world, and all the good friends they've lost and found along the way.

  • S01 E05 - BTC #05 - Josh Kohn

    S01 E05 - BTC #05 - Josh Kohn

    Complimentary to Josh Kohn's intrigue and kindness is his undeniable ability to ride the wheels off any of his old motorcycles. Todd follows Josh Kohn and Eric Dean for a few days of riding their old shovelheads like new adventure...

  • S01 E04 - BTC #04 - Danger Dan

    S01 E04 - BTC #04 - Danger Dan

    Todd and Dan spend a few days riding off road full speed on their choppers - discussing Dan's past and many current events. Check out Dan's podcast here: and enjoy the ride.

  • S01 E03 - BTC #03 - Sean Duggan

    S01 E03 - BTC #03 - Sean Duggan

    Todd and Sean discuss Death Valley Run 2020, the election, and the good old days in Los Angeles.

  • S01 E02 - BTC #02 - Al Boy Korff

    S01 E02 - BTC #02 - Al Boy Korff

    Al Boy Korff and I spent three days riding around the desert and talking shop. Al is a hell of a bike builder and excellent rider. His shop - Sick Sycles, is in Redlands CA.