The benefits of workplace inclusion on mental health across Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail

WiHTL and Diversity in Retail Podcasts by Joanna Aunon

Episode notes

Welcome to this podcast to mark Mental Health Awareness Week

My name is Joanna Aunon and I am a director at WiHTL and Diversity in Retail and for those of you who don’t know us already, we exist to support organisations to create inclusive cultures where anyone can thrive and reach their full potential. We have a mission to positively impact 6 million people from across both the HTL and Retail sectors by 2025.

In October 2021 we partnered with Thrive, a leading mental healthcare service for organisations to launch a seminal piece of research that looked to determine whether there is a direct link between inclusion in the workplace and mental health positivity across HTL and Retail industries. We felt this study was especially important due to the wellbeing and mental health impact of the pandemic particularly across all of these secto ... 

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