Waters of Vor Rukath - Season 1

by Ethan Brown

Welcome to the great Vor Rukath....or what used to be the great Vor Rukath. After a suspicious event that led to the entire world being submerged to the deep depths of the oceans, common folk and other species had to learn to evolve and continue surviving. Technology became more advanced, and new species were discovered. All was well, until a sudden disturbance occurred in the Hadal Zone, and that is where we stop for now.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 1 - The Beginning

    Episode 1 - The Beginning

    Welcome to the Waters of Vor Rukath! Episode 1 starts with our two characters, Zuras and Nixie played by Caroline Kidwell and Faith Olds. They are traveling through the Tidal Zone in the waters of Vor Rukath. as a school of interesting aquatic creatures start to swim/float towards them. They glowed with runes that were identified as separate habitats for these creatures..listen now to continue the adventure!

  • Episode 2 - Secrets at Montgomery Manor

    Episode 2 - Secrets at Montgomery Manor

    The party enters Malk's home after they finally found it, and they were met with a similar machine as D.O.A but called T.O.A. They entered the home and immediately something felt off. What lurks behind the doors to the Montgomery Manor, home of Malk, Hamenshire, and Margaret? Listen to find out now!

  • Episode 3 - Into the Fog

    Episode 3 - Into the Fog

    The party was forced by T.O.A to enter the mysterious door that was found in the basement of the Montgomery Manor. Where they ended up was a new place that appeared abandoned, out of fearful nature? However, D.O.A has a slight memory of this place. You won't want to miss what's next! Listen to find out now!

  • Episode 4 - The Leviathan

    Episode 4 - The Leviathan

    Due to technical difficulties, we decided to unplug and do things a little differently. No introduction, just right down to it! The party explores the inner and outer linings of the stomach as well as the gastral chamber to the baby leviathan that ate them from the last episode. Something ancient, however, begins to announce itself... what is it? Listen to find out!

  • Episode 5 - An Evil Revealed

    Episode 5 - An Evil Revealed

    The last thing you remember is seeing two mysterious arms rise from the slope, and one has a makeshift ring on its first finger presented from Malk. Something feels off.. The leviathan starts to feel troubled from the outside on what's going on inside... You feel rumbles... heat... and hear strange and obscure sounds coming from the lower intestines. What could it be? Listen now to find out and continue adventuring with The Bards Table!