The Backhanders

by The Backhanders

You cannot be serious! Two self-confessed tennis hacks take a look at the ins and outs of the greatest game on earth. 

Podcast episodes

  • US Open 2021 Debrief

    US Open 2021 Debrief

    Looks like the best was saved for last with an incredible final week at a truly historic US Open. New champions, missed chances and lost houses.

    Sep 15 2021
    Sep 15 2021
  • US Open 2021 Update

    US Open 2021 UpdateExplicit

    Well the boys talked it down - very down.... but this US Open has proven to be nothing short of spectacular! Incredible matches and even more remarkable bathroom breaks.

    Sep 06 2021
    Sep 06 2021
  • US Open 2021 Preview

    US Open 2021 PreviewExplicit

    The crowds are back and so are most of the players... well actually they're pretty much all injured but the boys do a preview episode anyways!

    Aug 28 2021
    Aug 28 2021
  • Tokyo Olympics 2020 Debrief

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 Debrief

    A stunning week of tennis at the Olympics played on the Japanese frying pan surface resulted in heartbreak, triumph and of course... Medvedevil meltdowns.

    Aug 03 2021
    Aug 03 2021
  • Wimbledon 2021 Debrief

    Wimbledon 2021 Debrief

    As the sun sets on another Wimbledon, the boys reflect on who were the true winners and losers during this splendid two weeks on grass.

    Jul 13 2021
    Jul 13 2021