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You cannot be serious! Two self-confessed tennis hacks take a look at the ins and outs of the greatest game on earth. 
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  • Aus Open 2021 Debrief

    Aus Open 2021 DebriefExplicit

    The boys dissect a massive two weeks of substandard tennis.... fortunately there were plenty of subplots to keep them amused!

    Feb 21 2021
    Feb 21 2021
  • Aus Open 2021 Update

    Aus Open 2021 UpdateExplicit

    This Grand Sham is living up to its name and the boys are well and truly confused. Crowds or no crowds? Injured or not injured? Aussie success or failure? It's been a rocky first week at the AO to say the least...

    Feb 14 2021
    Feb 14 2021
  • Aus Open 2021 Preview

    Aus Open 2021 Preview

    To say that the Aus Open preparations have been bumpy, is probably the understatement of 2021, but luckily King Novak has come to the rescue.

    Feb 01 2021
    Feb 01 2021
  • French Open 2020 Debrief

    French Open 2020 Debrief

    What a feeling! The end of another fortnight on the devil's dirt has left the lads with mixed emotions, but mainly the overriding sense of joy and relief that it's all over for another.... what only six months til the next French...

    Oct 13 2020
    Oct 13 2020
  • French Open 2020 Update

    French Open 2020 Update

    Well the weather has been slightly better than the tennis, but that's not saying much. The lads are far more interested in the seemingly endless Mixed Troubles on and off the court.

    Oct 05 2020
    Oct 05 2020