S01 E01 - How Do Marketing & Autoethnography Go Together?

The AutoEthnographer Literary and Arts Magazine by Marlen Harrison

In The AutoEthnographer's 1st podcast, founder Marlen Harrison (USA) talks with editor Nadine Khair (Jordan) to find out why the marketing world can benefit from autoethnographic inquiry. View the corresponding article and transcript HERE.

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Oct 18 2022

Is Autoethnography Essential to a Successful Business? Podcast with Nadine Khair

MARLEN HARRISON: Well, hello everybody and welcome to The AutoEthnographer’s first ever podcast. Today we are investigating if autoethnography is essential to a successful business. Please feel free to listen to our conversation below or by visiting:

The AutoEthnographer is a new, nonprofit, internationally-authored, peer-reviewed, open-access literary and arts magazine. Join us online at TheAutoEthnographer.com. Today I’m joined by one of the members of The AutoEthnographer’s editorial board, Dr. Nadine Khair, chair of the marketing department at the University of Amman in Jordan, and today she is going to talk to us a little bit about how autoethnography can support business: How do those things go togeth

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