The Atlas LoomExplicit

by Endeavorance & Diana Fay

An exploration of worldbuilding for tabletop and beyond.

Join Endeavorance and Diana Fay (DianaOfTheRose) as they discuss the finer points of weaving worlds for tabletop campaigns, narrative fiction, or even just for the fun of it. They may also discuss a few off topic issues. Only the most pressing stuff, of course.

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Podcast episodes

  • The Voice in our Heads

    The Voice in our Heads

    You know how they look, you know who they are, but how do they sound? In today's episode of The Atlas Loom, Dev and Diana are joined by the wonderful Sebastian Humphreys (aka HowToDoVoices) to discuss, well, how to do voices. But also so much more! How to approach doing a voice if you're nervous, or even how to better represent your character nonverbally. A huge thank-you to Seb for joining us on this episode. It is mandatory that you follow his incredible work on his TikTok account, @HowToDoVoices.

  • Diana Hates Factions

    Diana Hates Factions

    Factions! Those pesky organizations that kinda sorta usually exist. Be them governments, cults, shadowy groups, religions, a gang of goobers or just the local sports fans, factions are a way to add rivalries, history and more to your world. Unless you are Diana, in which case, factions suck, apparently. Join Dev in excitedly discussing the joys of designing factions for your world, or join Diana in begrudgingly doing the same. Check out our brand new merch store!

  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

    Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

    Do you know what worlds tend to have in them? Creatures. Critters. Lil' guys. Loads of 'em. Today, Dev and Diana talk about how you can design animals and monsters that fit into the ecosystems of your world, influence the culture of the people around them, or maybe cause some chaos by merely existing. Diana has a literal degree in this field. Dev has a very good dog. That put's both of our hosts on pretty equal footing for this episode. Send us a wish! If you have a question you'd like us to feature on the podcast, send an email to Atlas Loom merch available now! Check out the Atlas Loom collection on Dev's new merch store! Snag a cozy blanket to help cozy up while worldweaving!

  • Player Characters & Psychotherapy (ft. ohheyitsgina_)

    Player Characters & Psychotherapy (ft. ohheyitsgina_)

    So you have a world and a story and that's all well and good. Time to sit down at the table and... Uh. Wait, we're missing something. Oh! The players. And their characters. That does seem important, huh? On today's episode of The Atlas Loom, the incredible Gina (@ohheyitsgina_) joins Dev and Diana to talk about how to make incredible player characters to explore the worlds we build. To see more of Gina's work, check out her stuff here:

  • Necessary Evil

    Necessary Evil

    The biggest. The baddest. The evilest guys. Today, Endeavorance and Diana dive into Big Bad Evil Guys (BBEGs): how to design them, how to portray them, how to hype them up, and how to handle their downfall. Spoiler warnings for this episode We (read: Dev) also talk a lot about some examples of good and bad BBEGs in popular media. So. To that end, spoiler warnings for the following stuff: Undertale Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ...Starfox 64? Can that be spoiled? Really though, if you've not consumed the above media by now, for shame (but also go play/watch them so we can get hype about stuff together, okay thanks)