Internalised Ukrainophobia, Art, and Hope in Times of War with Artist Zhenya Oliinyk

The Art Persists Podcast by Bosla Arts

Episode notes

In this episode, we chat to Ukrainian artist Zhenya Oliinyk about her life and work. In the interview, Zhenya talks about how art provides a platform in which she expresses herself and her experience of living in a country under attack. She also describes her decision to stop speaking Russian altogether, and the “internalised Ukrainophobia” she and her peers overcome through language.

Zhenya Oliinyk is an illustrator and cartoonist from Kyiv, Ukraine. She's also a former journalist and a cultural critic. Whatever her occupation is, Zhenya mostly works with human rights related topics. Ever since Russian full-scale invasion in Ukraine in February, he's been creating graphic stories about her experience of living in a country under attack.

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