Lessons from the land of make-believe: Unconventional wisdom for adult educators

The Adult Learning Hub by Jane Erickson

Episode notes

As adult educators, we can often find inspiration from the world around us, sometimes coming from unconventional places.

One of these unlikely sources of wisdom is a man known for his cardigans and his special land of make-believe - the incomparable, Mr. Rogers. He was the host of a popular children’s television show that ran from 1968 to 2001 in North America. Now, you might ask, how can a children’s host teach us about interacting with adults? What can we learn from him as educators?

The recent biographical film about Mr. Rogers, with Tom Hanks (Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood) sparked a journey of rediscovery for Jane's guest today, Michael McDonald - a Canadian adult learning professional, disability advocate, and passionate life long learner.

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