Episode notes
In the 1920s, Harry Houdini was on a mission to debunk mediums who claimed to communicate with the dead. This eventually led him to an extraordinary woman named Mina Crandon. Based on true events, Margery & Houdini relates how the most mystifying medium of her day and the most famous escape artist of all time came to meet each other - and how each struggled to prove the other wrong. In Part Three, Houdini and his colleagues converge on the Crandon household, witnessing for the first time the phenomena they're supposed to declare real or false. Support us by donation or subscription at https://ko-fi.com/thesnakespaw Written by Matthew Morris and Andrew Farrier with help from Jack Townsend With the voices of John Angelo Cassaro, Harmon Gunston, Jeff Quach, Helen Jaksch, Andrew Farrier, Jack Townsend, and Helene Schmehl Recording help from James L ...   ...  Read more