Episode notes
Fresh off the Stare Case, Noir City's top (and possibly only) homicide detective - Richard Tective - learns that a group of crows can be... deadly. Noir City Blues: Episode Two - Murdered by Birds Written by Jack Townsend With creative contribution by Matthew Morris, Erica Durr, Andrew Farrier, and James Lanius. Featuring the voices of: Jack Townsend, Helen Jaksch, Andrew Farrier, Erica Durr, James Lanius, Matthew Morris, Jeff Quach, High Priest Robi, and Killian Guilbeaux Noir City Blues is a serial mystery podcast from the creator of the creepypasta "Tales from the Gas Station." It is produced by The Snake's Paw podcast. Support us by donation or subscription at http://www.ko-fi.com/thesnakespaw