Episode notes
A compilation of the three episodes of season 1 of Noir City Blues. Episode 1 - The Stare Case Written by Jack Townsend. Featuring the voices of Jack Townsend, Eli Durr, Erica Durr, Helen Jaksch, James Lanius, and Matthew Morris. Episode 2 - Murdered by Birds Written by Jack Townsend with creative contribution by Matthew Morris, Erica Durr, and James Lanius. Featuring the voices of Jack Townsend, Helen Jaksch, Killian Guilbeaux, Andrew Farrier, Erica Durr, James Lanius, Matthew Morris, Jeff Quach, and High Priest Robi. Episode 3 - The Case of the Identical Tentacles Written by Andrew Farrier. Featuring the voices of Jack Townsend, Erica Durr, Helen Jaksch, Andrew Farrier, James Lanius, Jeff Quach, High Priest Robi, and Matthew Morris, plus appearances by Helene Schmehl and Killian Guilbeaux. Noir City Blues is a serial mystery podcast fro ...   ...  Read more