Episode notes
It all comes to this... The remaining crew of the Starship Mudskipper find themselves stranded in space with nothing but each other's company, a few cycle's worth of air, and a small army of deadly arachnimorphs trying to get through the door of their panic room to feast on their delicious faces. This truly is... the end*. Support us by donation at ko-fi.com/thesnakespaw Written by Jack Townsend Featuring the voices of Andrew Farrier, Jack Townsend, Jeff Quach, Helen Jaksch, Erica Durr, Matthew Morris, Helene Schmehl, High Priest Robi, Killian Guilbeaux, Eli Durr, and Mr. Creepypasta. Episode 4 Lyrics and Musical Direction by Erica Durr. Mudskipper Theme by Helen Jaksch. With Creative contributions by James Lanius. Starship Mudskipper is a serial science fiction podcast from the creator of the creepypasta "Tales from the Gas Station." It is  ...   ...  Read more