The SloFunkPump Poddy

by SloFunkPump

Join Chef and Slo of "The SloFunkPump Show" as they let music lead them through a conversation culminating in an impromptu live cut of a classic tune! Brought to you by Got Goggz Mag Radio + Beer Man!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • What's Your Derfest Set of Scoobz?

    What's Your Derfest Set of Scoobz?

    Tiggy Big Time hangs with Chef and Slo and Beer Man discussing stingerz and slippin' favz along with scoobz of course. It's the blappest poddy on the face of the boopie!

  • What's Your Blappest Pappy?

    What's Your Blappest Pappy?

    Bradley Johnson gets his goonz on with Slo, Chef, and Beer Man. Sponsored by Got Goggz Mag Radio, they slap the mack.

  • What's Your Fav Chink of Moo?

    What's Your Fav Chink of Moo?

    Sofia Trompetista -- of "The SloFunkPump Show" and ska band Fuakata -- joins Chef, Slo, and Beer Man for a soopey doopey blap convo about tourz, da drip and grip, and chuggy buggiez!

  • Pump at Weimerville

    Pump at Weimerville

    A missed show turns into a private concert for a graduating senior. Meet the Weimerz as they guide Slo through a set in blap Pennsylvania.

  • What Ding Are You Wearing?

    What Ding Are You Wearing?

    Special guest Beer Man from Got Goggz Mag Radio joins Chef and Slo for an in-depth convo on blap topicz!