Numbers and How They Affect Our Egos

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

Is your ego killing the joy of running? Listen and learn what to do about it.

Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:22] Introduction

Coach Caroline introduces the topic of numbers, ego, and how people feel they need to hit certain numbers in running.

[01:13] The Obsession with Numbers in Exercise

Coach Valerie discusses how people have always been fixated on numbers in exercise, whether it's sets, reps, miles, or heart rate zones.

Most people work better with perceived exertion rather than relying on gadgets and data.

[03:51] The Challenge of "Easy" Runs and Zone 2

The concept of an "easy run" or staying in "Zone 2" can be confusing and challenging for runners, especially beginners.

Instead of focusing on arbitrary goals like heart rate or pace, RunRX teaches the skill of running an ... 

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