Finding Wholeness and Embracing New Beginnings with Valarie Angle

The Road to Rediscovery by Aubrey Johnson

Episode notes

In this episode, Aubrey interviews Valarie Angle, the inspiring Founder and CEO of The Wellnest and Creator of Global Domination Marketing. Join them as they delve into Valarie's personal journey, exploring her motivation behind launching The Wellnest, a platform connecting individuals with holistic practitioners and resources. They also discuss the significance of acknowledging and embracing the end of one chapter in life, highlighting the potential for growth and fulfillment in the next. Gain insights and inspiration as Valarie shares her wisdom on finding wholeness and embracing new beginnings in this engaging conversation.To learn more about Valarie, Wellnest, and Global Domination, visit www.wellnestglobal.comYou can also follow on Facebook:

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