Suffering Redeemed - talking grief, faith, and finding purpose, with Karis Meier

The Road to Rediscovery by Aubrey Johnson

Episode notes
As we begin season 9, join us on this inspiring episode as we sit down with Karis Meier, a resilient writer who has triumphed over years of chronic illness. Through an open conversation, we delve into the topics of anxiety, depression, grief, and how Karis found solace and purpose through her unwavering faith in God. Discover the compelling story behind her new book, "Suffering Redeemed: Finding Strength to Endure, Purpose in Pain, and Hope for Tomorrow” as Karis shares valuable insights and lessons learned from her incredible journey of redemption and inner strength. Tune in for an episode that explores the power of faith, resilience, and finding meaning in life's darkest moments.To follow Karis, and learn more about her great work, visit www.karismeier.comYou can get a copy of her bo ...   ...  Read more
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