The Relentless Gardener

by Linda Langelo

Welcome to the Relentless Gardner Podcast with Linda Langelo, a Colorado State University Extension Horticulture Agent. In this podcast, we will discuss all things gardening. From the wonderful programs CSU Extension has to specific gardening tips.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Water Conservation

    Water Conservation

    On this episode of Relentless Gardner, Linda Langelo speaks with Jamie Sudler and Frani Halperin, Executive Producers of H20 Radio about water. Tune in while they discuss experiences and research with H20 Radio. Learn more about water:

  • Winter Insects

    Winter Insects

    On this episode of the Relentless gardener, Linda Langelo discusses the most common winter insects, how they have adapted, and much more with Melissa Schreiner, Entomologist of the Tri River area. Learn more about winter insects:,a%20temporary%20shelter%20through%20winter.

  • Popular Horticulture Client Questions

    Popular Horticulture Client Questions

    On this episode of Relentless Gardener, Yvette Henson, CSU Extension county director and educator in the San Miguel Basin Region, chats with Linda about her life in horticulture, her job, and frequently asked questions she gets.

  • Mental Health on Gardening

    Mental Health on Gardening

    On this episode, Linda Langelo speaks with Jim Kuemmerle, CSU Behavior Health Specialist covering the Eastern Region of Colorado. Tune in while they talk about gardening and its benefits and shared connections. Learn more about mental health and gardening:

  • Chatfield Gardens

    Chatfield Gardens

    In this episode of the Relentless Gardener, Linda chats with Grace Johnson, assistant manager of horticulture of Chatfield Gardens. Tune in while they talk about Chatfield Botanic Gardens and it's agriculture, location, and history. Learn more about these gardens: