S01 E38 - The Pursuit Of... Behind The Cover

The Pursuit Of... by Ryan Buck & Mark L. Wilson
Amy Shamroe is the Book Awards Director at the Traverse City Children's Book Festival and the creator and host of the Behind the Cover a Jenkins Group podcast. Her unique position sparks interest from anyone interested in books. Amy's work involves running five international book awards, and it can be difficult to explain to others what s  ...  See more
Mar 28 2023

This podcast was produced by New Leonard Media, newleonard.com for all things audio, video, and podcast related.
The Pursuit Of Podcast, a purely guest-centric show focusing on people and organizations that advance positive change.
Positivity can be anywhere, and in a time of vast discord, The Pursuit Of is finding those who champion its cause as loudest.
Join us as we sit and learn about the pursuits of local leaders and their community.
Let's go.
Hello good people and welcome to The Pursuit Of Podcast, where it's truly not us, it's you.
I'm Ryan Buck, Artist Development, New Leonard Media, and with me is the boss,
Mark Wilson, President, New Leonard Media. How are you?
I'm doing great. You realize we've been doing this three years together.
Three? That's enough about us. Chat, chat, chat

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