Season 3 Episode 18, Part 1: Priscila Navarro -- Liszt International Piano Competition Winner & "The New Peruvian Figure of the Piano"

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes

I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Priscila Navarro -- Liszt International Competition Winner, Concert Pianist, Educator, & "the New Peruvian Figure of the Piano."In this episode, you will learn about Priscila’s adventurous life and musical career, which started in Peru and trained, nurtured, and flourished in the U.S. to become the first-prize winner of the world’s renowned piano competitions. And you will hear how she is giving back the gift of music to the people and musical community of her native country, Peru. In Part 1 of this episode, we discussed as follows:

  • 🎹 Priscila's experience at one of the world's famous piano competitions, the International Franz Liszt Piano Competition in Utrecht

  • 🎹 Achieving Special Bach Prize a ... 

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