The Piano Pod Season 3 Episode 2: Eduardus Halim - Steinway Artist, Artist Faculty at NYU, the "Last Pupil" of Mr. Horowitz

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes

This episode starts out a bit differently than others--you hear an excerpt of Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" Sonata Op.106 (allegro) performed by our guest.

🎹TPP team had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Halim - Steinway Artis, Sascha Gorodnitzki Music Professor of Piano Studies at New York University, and the "Last Pupil" of Vladimir Horowitz. We were so blown away by all the incredible stories and insights he shared and the name-dropping 🤯!

Mr. Halim shared such in-depth & personal stories with the legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz while Mr. Halim was studying with the maestro in the late 1980s. You might have read Mr. Horowitz's biography, Horowitz: His Life and Music, written by Harold C. Schonberg…one of the chapters of the book was titled "Last Pupil," which was about Mr. Halim! 

In the chapter, the author Schonberg desc ... 

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