The Piano Pod Season 3 Episode 5: George Ko, Young Steinway Artist/Composer/Improviser

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes

TPP Team had a wonderful conversation with Mr. Geroge Ko: Young Steinway Artist/Composer/Improviser for this episode. 

George is a concert pianist pushing classical music forward by blending "Chopin-like virtuosity with the vast soundscapes of cinema." His music revolves around improvisation - a practice typically confined to jazz music - which he's brought into the realm of classical music. Many of his songs are one-take improvs, allowing maximum creativity and spontaneity. 

George has appeared on stages worldwide, from 2000-seat auditoriums to Carnegie Hall. In addition, his music has been heard at film festivals, television broadcasts, and music festivals in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and China. 

George is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded several companies and nonprofits. He received the CES Innovation Award in ... 

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