The Piano Pod Season 3 Episode 7: Liana Pailodze Harron & Thomas A. Giles -- Sensational Piano and Saxophone Duo!

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes

Yukimi and Clara had a wonderful conversation with the sensational Piano/Saxophone duo, Liana Pailodze Harron and Thomas A. Giles, for this season's 7th episode.

Clara met the duo in the fall of 2021, and she introduced Yukimi to the video clip of their performance (  -- we've been obsessed with Liana and Thomas! So, we felt so lucky to be able to invite them for an interview...and we had a blast!

This Brooklynite piano/sax duo never came across one another though they have been residing only one subway station away for years till the fateful day of Sept 2021. Liana and Thomas finally met through their mutual friend. A year later, they produced an album, Mysteries of the Macabre, with music by prolific composers such as Gyögy Ligeti, Olivie ... 

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