The Piano Pod Season 3 Episode 9: Dr. Magdalena Stern-Baczewska -- Innovative Keyboardist, Yamaha Artist, & Educator

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes

For the final episode of 2022, we interviewed Dr. Magdalena Stern-Baczewska on a Saturday afternoon and had a great time chatting with her about 🎹 and harpsichord!

Ms. Baczewska is both a concert pianist and a harpsichordist. Have you watched her double performances of J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations--first by performing on the harpsichord, then on the piano in one concert back to back 🤯? If not, we urge you to watch it here:!

During the interview session, we talked about Magdalena's multifaceted career as a concert pianist/harpsichordist, her collaborations with prominent composers: from an award-winning composer, Tan Dun, to a multi-genre composer/rapper, Gene Pritsker, her recordings i ... 

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