Season 4 Episode 11: Miki Sawada - Classical Pianist & CEO of Gather Hear Inc.

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes

Welcome to the fun and inspiring conversation with Miki Sawada, the talented Pianist & CEO of Gather Hear Inc., for The Piano Pod’s Season 4 Episode 11!

Since the inception of our show, we've shone a spotlight on pianists who astonish us with their creativity. 😎 Yet, Miki's journey is truly unparalleled. Dive into the details:

Launched in 2017, inspired by the divisive atmosphere of the 2016 🇺🇸 Presidential Election, Gather Hear Tour is Miki's labor of love. Eschewing conventional venues, she embarks on tours across rural America, bringing high-quality, inclusive classical music performances to communities often overlooked.

From the spiritual landscapes of Utah to the rural stretches of Alabama, and from q ... 

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