Trailer for Season 4 Episode 8: Carlos Franzetti and Allison Brewster Franzetti -- Grammy & Latin Grammy Award Winners

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes

Here is the trailer for Season 4 Episode 8 feat. Carlos Franzetti and Allison Brewster Franzetti – the dynamic duo behind multiple Grammy & Latin Grammy Awards, reigning supreme as the Power Couple of Classical Music! 🎵 In this delightful upcoming episode, we explored:

  • 👉 Their inspiring journey to becoming Grammy and Latin Grammy-winning artists
  • 👉 A peek into their extensive collection of award-winning albums
  • 👉 Their collaborative ventures, spanning from captivating concert performances to mesmerizing recordings

And that's not all! We delved into:

  • 👉 The secrets behind their enduring musical career
  • 👉 The profound significance of embracing our purpose as classical musicians in today's ever-evolving society.

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