Part 1 of Season 4 Episode 4: Dr. Nnenna Ogwo -- Concert Pianist, Educator, & Founder of Juneteenth LP

The Piano Pod by Yukimi Song

Episode notes
🎶 This episode is brought to you by Yukimi Song Studio 🎹 Discover the magic of music with Yukimi. Realize your dream, create joyful melodies, and express yourself on the keys. Let's play piano together! Visit the website to learn more! I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Nnenna Ogwo – Concert Pianist, Educator, and founder/Artistic Director of Juneteenth LP 🎹🎶. In this fascinating conversation, we delved into Nnenna's inspiring project, Juneteenth LP, an extraordinary musical initiative based in the heart of NYC, spotlighting the rich music of the African Diaspora and showcasing exceptionally talented Black classical musicians with a strong emphasis on com ...   ...  Read more