The Nationalist Enquirer: Durr Shpigel Spiel

The Paranormies by Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Jack, and Grognak

Episode notes
  • Flat Earth Patriots unite!

  • Is the Mudflood Going Mainstream?

  • Sit down for science!: Aspirin (Acid rain?) for the sky

  • The Purge is real (or, Equity in Illinois!)

  • Mega-million year old megafauna mummies [X to doubt]

  • Banned and browned fantasy woes

  • Downtown brown Martha's Vineyard

  • Booking dot com drops ratings bombs on illegal Israeli occupiers

  • Gigavaxxed trash pandas are eating your gf’s trash, and basically, you’re a retard

Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Hudson and Grognak

Break Music: Ugo, by Dead Pirates

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