Conspiracy Theory Rock Candy w/ Float

The Paranormies by Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Jack, and Grognak

Episode notes

The gang welcomes Float from The Float Universe to the show. He drops in to hang out, detach from distraction, and take a trip through this thing we call reality. The conversation drifts from topic to topic, from float tanks/sensory deprivation chambers to QAnon, politics and parasites (both spiritual and physical), to the illuminati's multiple concurring agendas, out of body experiences, aliens, and everything in between. Get /comfy/ and let's detach from the system a little more, shall we?

Float's Instagram: @floatuniverse

Float's Telegram: t.me/floatuniverse2

Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt and Grognak

Break Music: Holy Mountain, by Sleep

Creepypasta: Welcome to the Abyss, written by Grognak and read by Reinhardt