Jaw and Facial Pain: How to Pinpoint and Correct It

The Gum Guru by Dr. Macon Singletary

Episode notes

In this episode of the GumGuru Podcast, Dr. Macon Singletary delves into the intricacies of jaw and facial pain, guiding listeners through the process of identifying and addressing these discomforts. Joined by Physical Therapist, Dr. Leigh Miller, Certified Cervical and Temporomandibular Therapist, they unravel the mysteries behind these pains and provide insights into effective relief methods.

🎙️ Welcome to the GumGuru Podcast! Today, Dr. Macon Singletary and special guest Dr. Leigh Miller discuss jaw and facial pain, uncovering its underlying causes and effective treatment strategies.

🔍 Dr. Singletary emphasizes the importance of thorough examination, considering factors like medical history, stress, and dental alignment to pinpoint the root cause of jaw and facial pain.

💡 Stress, clenching, orthodontic treatments, and even ... 

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