Environmental Peacebuilding Prospects In Northwest Nigeria

The Crisis Room by HumAngle

Episode notes

Remote agricultural communities in Nigeria’s northwest and northcentral regions bear the scars of vicious raids by terror groups. The state governments’ response to the crisis has largely been uncoordinated and it has failed to address the multilayered factors behind the crisis, including the decay of environmental resources and livestock

In today's episode, we will be discussing climate change-related security risks and conflict caused by environmental resources and livestock. We will also be looking at how climate resilience and environmental peacebuilding can contribute towards sustainable peace in the northwest. 

Hosted by Mariam Mustapha and Murtala Abdullahi

Production Team: Murtala Abdullahi, Tracy-Allen Ezechukwu, and Anthony Asemota. 

The Executive Producer is Ahmad Salkida.

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