NostalgiaBusters: The Breakfast Club ft. Paul Preston

The BlokeBusters Podcast by Paul Hawkins

Episode notes

Well, we're back! Paul took the first half of this year to spend some quality time with family, shuffle things around and now is back and raring to go! And right out of the gate, we have a new series which we think will stick around for some time!

NostalgiaBusters: Where we take a look at comedy films from the 80's-2000's and ask the questions "Does this hold up? Would this get made today? How do we feel about it now?"

And for this inaugural episode, Paul asked another Paul to come on and pick the first film. Paul Preston from The Movie Guys website picked The Breakfast Club and now you can listen in as we discuss the film, what it is, what it could have been and what (if anything) we would change if it were made today!

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