S01 E01 - Tech Reads Ep 1 - Climaturity with Marc Cortez

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Marc Cortez is a Climate Reality Advocate and the author of the forthcoming title 'Climaturity: A Journey into the Muddy Climate Middle.' As an entrepreneur, professor and long-time veteran of the solar, electric vehicle and energy storage industries, Marc has raised over $23M for multiple startups. He is the Founder/CEO of Liquid8, a wat  ...  See more
Apr 11 2022

Brian Schwartz: This is Brian Schwartz with tech reads. Today I have Marc Cortez, the author of 'Climaturity', to talk to him a little bit about his book and enlighten us what it is all about. So Marc, welcome to tech reads.

Marc Cortez: Thank you for having me.

Brian Schwartz: So the title, 'Climaturity', you invented a word.  Can you share a little bit about what you mean by that?

Marc Cortez: Climaturity is a call out for a calm, pragmatic and transparent dialog about the climate, which is pretty much impossible to have these days.  We're stuck between the polar extremes, with one side screaming at the other side who isn't even listening, while most of us exist somewhere in between.  No one is telling the complete truth about the climate, and trying to find a path towards responsible

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