Technomancers: A D&D podcast

by Elastacloud Limited

Welcome to Technomancers, the thrilling Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in the mesmerising City of Everlight! Join us on an unforgettable journey as we delve into a world where magic and technology coexist in perfect harmony (or will it?). Led by our Dungeon Master - Ivan Brett

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • EP 5: c̶u̶p̶Board Meetings

    EP 5: c̶u̶p̶Board Meetings

    After losing the main source of wealth, everyone regroups in a c̶u̶p̶board meeting with the Guild. Will Cloudballs inc. face liquidation?

  • EP 4: Plaque-y Piscine 🐟

    EP 4: Plaque-y Piscine 🐟

    The tribe of Cloudballs Inc. has gone through a rollercoaster of adventure! From securing the contract from the Lamplight Guild to look after it's power source (overseen by 🧠 Griff). Since then - sudden death, a redfin woman, a white tiger, grease, & fish guards have kept everyone on their toes. Listen in as they "snaggle' through.

  • EP 3: The Greasy Tiger

    EP 3: The Greasy Tiger

    The first day at the factory was.... eventful to say the least, meeting Griff (and the unfortunate brainy cog), a large clanking tank, and a caged white tiger. What could go wrong?

  • EP 2: Cogs of Innovation ⚙️


    EP 2: Cogs of Innovation ⚙️


    After drinking a potion of non-disclose, the gang at Cloudballs Inc. (Dickie, Nigel, Linus, & Light through Rain) explore the arcane factory, with Griff 🧠

  • EP 1: Alchemists of the Algorithm.

    EP 1: Alchemists of the Algorithm.

    Meet our four unique and captivating characters who'll guide you through a web of epic quests, in the arcane City Of Everlight.