Technomancers: A D&D podcast

by Elastacloud Limited

Welcome to Technomancers, the thrilling Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in the mesmerising City of Everlight! Join us on an unforgettable journey as we delve into a world where magic and technology coexist in perfect harmony (or will it?). Led by our Dungeon Master - Ivan Brett

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • EP 7: Macro-dosed adventures

    EP 7: Macro-dosed adventures

    After the shaky agreement was signed to steal the trident. Everyone heads to the slum district to get info from the redfins. However, the adventure turns a little hazy as everyone decides to eat something very potent (with Dickie going overboard) from the café! Only to be interrupted by a gnawer.

  • EP 6: Tempest Tribulations

    EP 6: Tempest Tribulations

    Cloudballs evaded liquidation; started their investigations into the strange bluefins who raided the guild and captured the Empress. They found primordial sentences written across the crime scene and later found who opened the gates (Sardina). The adventure continues stumbling into Sardina’s office, will she buy Cloudballs silence, threaten or coerce everyone?

  • EP 5: c̶u̶p̶Board Meetings

    EP 5: c̶u̶p̶Board Meetings

    After losing the main source of wealth, everyone regroups in a c̶u̶p̶board meeting with the Guild. Will Cloudballs inc. face liquidation?

  • EP 4: Plaque-y Piscine 🐟

    EP 4: Plaque-y Piscine 🐟

    The tribe of Cloudballs Inc. has gone through a rollercoaster of adventure! From securing the contract from the Lamplight Guild to look after it's power source (overseen by 🧠 Griff). Since then - sudden death, a redfin woman, a white tiger, grease, & fish guards have kept everyone on their toes. Listen in as they "snaggle' through.

  • EP 3: The Greasy Tiger

    EP 3: The Greasy Tiger

    The first day at the factory was.... eventful to say the least, meeting Griff (and the unfortunate brainy cog), a large clanking tank, and a caged white tiger. What could go wrong?