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by Elastacloud

Tune in as we explore all things cloud and technology, from experiences running our consultancy – Elastacloud, to new trends and challenges that face our tech industry.

Hosted by Richard Conway & Andy Cross.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Great Cloud Cull (feat. Steve Thair)

    The Great Cloud Cull (feat. Steve Thair)

    Not one, not two, but we've got three Microsoft Regional directors in this episode, starring Steve Thair who joins us to discuss the industry's recent cull of Cloud talent & more.

  • No Code, Low Architect


    No Code, Low Architect


    'Just do it lad, get it done!' - you'll get the context soon. TFTT is back from our easter break and we're diving into (Cloud) Architects who don't code (& ivory tower architects), MC Hammer, and finding out how accurate ChatGPT is.... by playing hangman.

  • Arkship B


    Arkship B


    I'm not technical but... you might need to be the N.1 power user to listen to this episode!

  • [Data] Mesh or Smoosh


    [Data] Mesh or Smoosh


    We’re back for our 5th episode! This time we’re discussing Data Mesh and its principles, (and metal mickey). Single point of failure or success?🎙️

  • Don't touch my £#*$ board!


    Don't touch my £#*$ board!


    Featuring Elastacloud’s Head of Value Creation, Elisabetta ‘Lis’ Pisu. This episode dives into experiences in her team (BAs & PMs): creating value from requirements, agile boards (particularly the negative effects on Devs. when meddled), & the benefits of really investing in a data lake!