#39 Techbytes: The challenges of being a gig economy worker in Africa

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Episode notes

In this episode of Techbytes, we discussed essential topics from last week in the tech world.

  • e-Hailing drivers lament Uber and Bolt’s reluctance to increase fares, threaten to park vehicles

  • Twitter value reportedly drops to $15 billion, only a third of Elon Musk’s purchase price

  • Government, media websites in Senegal suffer cyberattacks amid political tensions

  • MultiChoice launches Moment to expand payment infrastructure for Africans

  • OpenAI is pursuing a new way to fight A.I. ‘hallucinations’

We discuss our big story for the week, "Live talk: the challenges of being a gig economy worker in Africa". Omoleye, Dami and Tomiwo speak on the challenges that gig eco ... 

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