#38 Techbytes: Opportunities of being a tech teen

Techbytes: Let's go round the world of Tech by Technext

Episode notes
In this episode of Techbytes, we discussed essential topics from last week in the tech world.
  • Central Bank of Nigeria hikes interest rate to 18.5% amid soaring inflation
  • Binance was accused of mixing customers’ funds with revenue
  • OpenAI founders worried “super-intelligent” AIs would destroy the world if not strictly regulated
  • An Android app started secretly recording users almost a year after it was listed on Google Play
  • Uber Eats Kenya now delivers alcohol and medicine amid growing competition from rivals
We discuss our big story for the week, "Opportunities of being a tech teen" We speak with 4 amazing teenagers doing amazing things in tech to talk about being a part of the growth in the tech space a ... 
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