#26 Techbytes: BVAS, IReV and the issue of election integrity in Nigeria

Techbytes: Let's go round the world of Tech by Technext

Episode notes

In this episode of Techbytes, we discussed essential topics from last week in the tech world.

  • Nigerians still overpay for sub-standard internet service in 2023

  • Meta is experimenting with AI-powered chatbots on WhatsApp, Instagram

  • Jumia will now be held responsible for the sale of faulty products

  • 8.7% of African users experienced phishing attacks in 2022

  • Twitter rolls out updated, zero-tolerance policy on violent speech

We discuss our big story for the week, "BVAS, IReV, and the issue of election integrity." We speak with Tomiwo Ojo, Editor, Technext, and Dennis Da-ala Mirilla, both very experienced journalists, on what could have been done by INEC regarding  ... 

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