#53 Techbytes: Transforming Nigerian Teens to Tech Bros

Techbytes: Let's go round the world of Tech by Technext

Episode notes
In this episode of Techbytes, we discussed essential topics from last week in the tech world.
  • Nigerian fintech PayDay is looking to sell the company six months after $3 million raise
  • Search Queries related to Metaverse has dropped by 71%
  • Google sued after Maps allegedly directed father returning from daughter’s birthday off a collapsed bridge
  • X/Twitter to discontinue Circles by Oct 31, 2023
  • NCC to introduce new numbering scheme for fixed telephone lines
We also discussed the topic for the week: "Transforming Nigerian Teenagers to Becoming Tech Bros". We discuss this with Johnson Abbaly, Foudnr, The Smartan House, as he shares insights as to bringing teens from underprivileged environments into Tech.
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