Techbytes 47: Is a tech-driven fuel-on-credit service a solution to Nigerian’s problems?

Techbytes: Let's go round the world of Tech by Technext

Episode notes
In this episode of Techbytes, we discussed essential topics from last week in the tech world.
  • Elon Musk has converted Twitter finally to the everything app
  • Bundle shuts down after 3 years of operations
  • CBN should remodel the eNaira to make it attractive to more Nigerians
  • The Kenyan government has been hit by numerous cyberattacks.
We also discuss the topic for the week: "Is a tech-driven fuel-on-credit service a solution to Nigeria’s problems?" with Olusola Olanipekun, the founder of Fuel Credit, a digital platform that makes buying fuel on credit conveniently a reality, as we delve into the role technology can play and the importance of harnessing it in solving our everyday problems.
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