Episode 40: Hot Takes with Raz Shuty: Why working in sprints sucks, the downsides of remote work and more

Teams at Work by BUNCH by Darja Gutnick (CEO, Co-Founder of Bunch)

Episode notes

In this week’s episode, our co-founders Darja and Anthony chatted with Raz Shuty, Senior Director of Engineering at Delivery Hero with over 12 years of experience leading technology teams. Raz shared why he hated the role of a manager at first, and how he struggled to fit in, what he learned about leadership from his father, a chef and why the first manager he ever had is a role model when it comes to management. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why becoming a manager in engineering means a negative return on investment on the craft that brought you to the role

  • Why Raz hated his first engineering manager job, quit, and how he ultimately found his role and got to enjoy it

  • How working in sprints can suck, and what you can do to find a framework that will work best for your team and your goals

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