Episode 31: A very open conversation about failure, self-love and lessons learned from N26, Parship and Vivy with Christian Rebernik

Teams at Work by BUNCH by Darja Gutnick (CEO, Co-Founder of Bunch)

Episode notes

In this episode we sat down with Christain Rebernik, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, and father of 3. Christian is the former CEO and Co-Founder at Vivy, former CTO and MD at N26, former CTO at Parship, and created award-winning apps like ShareTheMeal for the UN World Food Programme. His current mission is to educate and empower the changemakers of tomorrow as CEO and Co-Founder at Germany’s first virtual university, Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Christian as an engineer hated Sales at the start of his journey and why he loves it now (and how it creates value)

  • How Christian dealt with failure in his career and what encouraged him to keep going (and how you can do the same)

  • Why Christian believes he was not a good leader at first and what  ... 

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