Episode 42: How I went from "non-technical" to technical leader with Danielle Leong, VP of Engineering at Maca (ex-GitHub, and Twilio)

Teams at Work by BUNCH by Darja Gutnick (CEO, Co-Founder of Bunch)

Episode notes

In this week’s episode, our co-founder Darja chatted with Danielle Leong, currently VP of Engineering at Maca, working on SaaS pricing insights. She started her career as an early engineer at Twilio, after that Danielle became a Director of Engineering, building a tech team to lead the development of mission-critical services at GitHub. She is a passionate learner and loves mentoring others on their journey, she also has her own photography studio where she captures and amplifies diverse and unique voices. Danielle shared her nontypical career journey, and how she balances her technical and creative sides (and how they complement each other). She also shared her take on leading by example, why failing is healthy, and how to actually apply learnings from the past to solve problems in the present. Danielle believes even if you are early on in your  ... 

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