Episode 6: Obedience using tongue w/ special guest Qari Ibrahim

The Beginning of Guidance by Sheikh Imam Huzaifa Nadeem

Episode notes

Assalamulaikum! We welcome you to our last episode of Ramadan 2022. We will have reoccurring episodes on Saturdays from now on Inshallah.

This episode we discuss the common dissonances of Allah using ones tongue; covering topics of backbiting and using your tongue for arguments. The etiquette of discussion and how to avoid unnecessary arguments as well as some hadiths in regards ti these topics.

At 21:10 we welcome our special guest Qari Ibrahim. Imam Huzaifa, who is the narrator throughout this podcast, is the student of Qari Ibrahim and it is with the most repec that we have him on our podcast. He is a fluent Urdu speaker and chose to speak in a language he is more comfortable with however Imam Huzaifa gives us an overview of what he has taught us after his segment ends.

I will also add the highlights of what Qari Ibrahim has  ... 

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