TBD with Yvette and Yeyo

by Yvette and Yeyo

A podcast by two friends, Yvette and Yeyo. Join them as they talk all things music and just about everything in between.

Podcast episodes

  • Punk is Still Not Dead

    Punk is Still Not Dead

    Happy New Year! Yvette & Yeyo are back and talking all things PUNK! Tune in for a good laugh and learn a thing or two with you favorite music enthusiasts!

  • Live From New York!

    Live From New York!

    In the same room for the first time in a year and a half and recording together for the first time ever, we bring it on! Tune in for an unedited episode where we share the songs we currently have on repeat and obvi tons of laughter🤘🏾

  • Black Magic

    Black Magic

    Are you ready for another episode full of laughter? Join us for a conversation on Black History Month, AfroLatinidad, the origins of Horchata and of course, MUSIC!

  • Queremos Rock!

    Queremos Rock!

    We are back! If you missed our laughter, you'll be getting tons of it on this episode. We are kicking the year off talking about the history of rock in Latin America! Travel to Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil with us and be ready to rock out!

  • The Revolution Soundtrack

    The Revolution Soundtrack

    Brace yourselves because this is a long one! Listen to your favorite comrades talk about issues that have inspired songs of protest and dissent.