Jesus is Greater: Session 40 - Following Godly Leaders

Trinity Pulpit Podcast by Pastor Ben Jennings

Episode notes

Series: Jesus is Greater

Title: Following Godly Leaders

Scripture: Hebrews 13:7-17

Speaker: Pastor Ben Jennings

Date: February 18, 2024 (Sunday Morning Service)

God has given us Godly leaders who know that Jesus is greater and are trying to exemplify Him. Here are 5 qualities of Godly leaders and how we should respond to them.

1. Godly leaders exemplify biblical faith. We imitate them.

2. Godly leaders teach biblical doctrine. We believe the Truth.

3. Godly leaders identify with Christ, even in His suffering. We bear Christs reproach.

4. Godly leaders worship God sacrificially. We praise with our lips and serve with our hands.

5. Godly leaders lead under accountability. We submit to their leadership.

Trinity Baptist Church

Findlay, Ohio

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