David: Session 11 - Scattered Dreams

Trinity Pulpit Podcast by Pastor Ben Jennings

Episode notes

Series: Daniel

Title: Scattered Dreams

Scripture: 2 Samuel 7

Speaker: Pastor Miles Scarboro

Date: December 10, 2023 (Sunday Evening Service)

We Can find Confidence in God’s Sovereign Plan by modeling David’s interactions with God in 2 Samuel 7

1. A Sincere Request (7:1-3)

2. The Sovereign Response (7:4-17)

The Davidic Covenant

#1 – a Great Name (v.9b)

#2 – A Home for Israel (v.10)

#3 – Peace from Israel’s Enemies (v.10b-11)

#4 – An Everlasting Kingdom (v.11b-16)

3. A Submissive Prayer (v.18-29)

When we trust in God, a “no” is not the end, but the beginning of a new plan

Trinity Baptist Church

Findlay, Ohio


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