Limits of ChatGPT, Maths Myths and More

The Tangent Territory by HL

Episode notes
Welcome to the first episode of The Tangent Territory podcast. I am honoured to have Dmitri Whitmore with me today to talk about maths, common misconceptions about maths and more. Dmitri is a PhD student in Cambridge working on number theory. He has secured extremely high Firsts in every year of his studies, and was described as the ‘strongest maths student at his college in the last five years’.As a result of his outstanding academic achievements, he’s won numerous prizes. Most recently, he was awarded the top grade of the Smith-Knight and Rayleigh-Knight prize for his essay entitled ‘the taylor wiles method for reductive groups’.For those with an appetite for more technical content, please check out the Youtube version of this podcast as it includes Dmitri's explanation of the Tanayama-Shimura conjecture:  ...  Read more